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Musician, Gateshead and Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, North East England

Shipcote and Friends: Gentle geordie country swing

Hiya ••• We are Shipcote & Friends -

"A late surprise addition to the billing was Shipcote & Friends. While their music has a jazzy, old-time flavour and sound, the songs relate to contemporary life – as observed by songwriter Graham ‘Shipcote’ . Warm, positive and uplifting, it was just what was needed"

NEWS -new wood poster

We played Red Rooster Festival again this year and played Summertyne Festival in July too. Check out our gigguide for up & coming autumn shows

We still have a few of these. A wonderful hand- made wooden limited edition artwork poster in a style from a bygone era. Its truely a fantasic bit of art from Ocholocopress New York State.


Here's a couple of posters for upcoming shows. Were on facebook & update quite regularly


Here's the video for our album title track "Im Quite Happy with That "




" Shipcote & Friends music’s simply played and with many of the songs dashed in humour, and sang in a warm relaxed fashion, what more could one wish for.


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Shipcote & Friends with Archie & Pat @ Sinderhope Village Hall (March 19)

What a lovely night out in the wilds of Northumberland presented by Phil Ogg ( who did a smashing opening set of guitar instrumentals)

Archie Brown & Pat Rafferty did their Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham set afterwards ( well their the nearest version of them in UK anyway) Then we played our homespun self penned geordie swing to the locals in an old school room. We had to get Archie & Pat up for a song or two at the end , as thats what you do when your having a brilliant night !!


Gigs in North East and elsewhere...


Shipcote Rides Again

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