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Musician, Gateshead and Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, North East England

Shipcote and Friends: Gentle geordie country swing

Hiya ••• We are Shipcote & Friends -

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The daftest and coolest video of 2016- Rocking Magpie (Dec 16)

Mr Wonderful's video's wonderful - love the cameo's too - why wasnt I in it ? Steve Drayton "Mr Drayton's record player" -Dec 16

Up at Clennell Hall Folk Festival last weekend I heard this wonderful group, Shipcote & Friends, The group performs the most enjoyable music, fun, different, bubbly first half of the 20th century stuff - Tom O Donnell ( US folksinger): May 16"

Shipcote and Friends (Graham, Cath, Jon, Bongo and Bry) set the evening up, perfectly. So relaxed and at the same time professional regarding playing Shipcote’s warm, friendly style of Geordie swing jazz, plied in ragtime had people on my table thinking they’d seen the main act.Shipcote’s witty observations complete with an in-the-groove sound would place a smile on a granite wall. - Live review- Maurice Hope: May 16

As the band name suggests; Shipcote and Friends actually a band of craftsmen (and woman) who surround and compliment an excellent singer-songwriter; with each bringing their own skill sets; to create a beautiful overall sound" Alan Harrison. Album launch review Feb 16.

A very polished selection of songs, blended together really well for an album that’s a very pleasurable listen. NARC magazine - Jan 16

Shipcote and Friends were a really lovely start to Sunday on the Drystone Stage – the perfect music for a sunny afternoon – mellow and smooth like a fine oak-aged whiskey. They have a great selection of engaging songs, very tastefully arranged, which the Drystone audience loved. They are a real connoisseur’s band. Thanks again “ - Dave Camlin, Sol’festival .

“An evening of friendly, heart-warming Geordie country swingy music which sent everyone home with a big smile on their face ”- Stu Nimmo, Live Theatre review.



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Dec - We have a great full band show for xmas on Thurs 8th Dec @ Newbiggin Maritime centre- its with lots of great acts too- £4 on door info here

New video is out now

Nov - Festival news 2017 - Were booked in for Maddy Prior's Stepping Stones Fest next June & also Clennell Hall Folk Fest in May....whoooppee...Were also playing Old Cinema Launderette in Durham ( Fri 10th Feb) with Serious Sam Barrett.


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