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Musician, Gateshead and Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, North East England

Shipcote and Friends: Musicians in Gateshead & Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North East England

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Shipcote & Friends are the hot geordie jazzy swingy country troupe :

Graham (Guitar/ Vocals) The silver foxed songwriter who’s based & perambulate's in Gateshead Upon Tyne. He was originally with Hot Licks Cookies (30's authentic bluesy jug band duo) & also helped form Martin Stephenson & The Toe Rags.

Jon ( Double Bass ) who has played in Blues/jazz bands forever & ever AND has finally found his match...

Bry ( Guitar/Banjo) the jazzy guitar master who had early career success with White Heat & yet never played banjo with them.

Cath ( Fiddle/Accordion ) great musician, teacher & lovely lincolnshire lady. What's she doing with this lot.

John ( Snare ) known as Bongo to us friends. Played alongside Bry in the under 12 school cricket team & also in White Heat . He's very good to have on your team in a quiz.

Pic drawing by Geoff The Scribbler



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Shipcote - Americana Festival Shipcote & Friends Shipcote & Friends
Bryan Cath - with Shipcote & Friends Jon & Bongo with Shipcote & Friends
Shipcote Shipcote & Friends Shipcote, Jon & Bongo
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